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The families of Alex and Gertrude Widener are very pleased to offer a scholarship to an eligible descendent.

To qualify for this scholarship an applicant must:

  1. Be a descendent of Alex and Gertrude Widener.
  2. Be a high school senior or high school graduate accepted at an accredited school.
  3. Write and submit an original 1000 words or more essay on the life of Alex and Gertrude Widener and families.
  4. Complete  the attached application in its entirety. 
  5. Sign and date application.

Scholarship(s) must be used for college, i.e. tuition, textbooks, etc.

Applicants(s) may apply for additional years dependent on funds availablity.

Application and attached essay may be submitted to any Scholarship Review Board member.

Application must be submitted before June 15th of any year. Scholarship winner(s) will be announced after July 15th of that year.

Pending available funds, applicant may apply for an additional scholarship in the year of grant.

Scholarship Review Board membership shall consist of a representative of each of Alex and Gertrude Widener's children that had children.  Each member shall serve for a two year term, selected by each family during a biannual reunion.

Current Board members:

  • Ray Widener represented by Jim Widener
  • Bob Widener represented by Brenda Widener
  • David Widener represented by Peggy Widener
  • Gaylor Widener represented by Jack Widener
  • Josephine Widener represented by Bob Foley
Download this file (scholarshipapplication.pdf)Scholarship Application[ ]109 kB
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